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Never before have marketers had access to so much technology — or had so much opportunity to impact the bottom line. As a result, marketers at every level are facing increased pressure to be both creative and savvy about marketing technology.

DataFinity helps bridge that gap. We are a team of marketing technologists with a passion for turning data into actionable marketing insights. We assist Founders, CMOs, and Executives in all stages of the Product and Marketing Lifecycle. So whether we are stepping in as employee #5 or scaling the business in preparation for an IPO or M&A, there is no task that we can’t deliver on.
Our technical savvy and knack for solving complex marketing challenges help you manage and optimize your marketing software investments and transform your data into insights that drive your business forward. We can help fill in any gaps you may have in your marketing organization. We can help to staff your team to support your demand-gen machine—whether that’s determining the best marketing automation platform for your business needs or develop/execute your demand-generation plan.
We help small teams, as well as global enterprises, find solutions to their most pressing marketing & technology challenges:
  • Are we using the right marketing automation platform?
  • What can we do better to leverage the resources we already have?
  • How can I meet the needs of my sales team quickly, without straining my already busy internal IT team?
  • How can we add marketing resources to our team with deep expertise in multiple disciplines?
Our partners include some of the best-known enterprise marketing software firms in the world. Our marketing consultants have experience at startups and large companies, including Toyota, Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Cost Plus, etc.  We love helping our clients address complex and messy marketing technology challenges. We pride ourselves in results and making incredible things happen.

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