How We Use Data Strategy To Help Your Business

Turn your data into your most valuable asset

Are you overwhelmed by the volume, variety, and velocity of data available to your marketing team?

Wondering how to mine, analyze, and take action on what you’re collecting?

We can help you quickly uncover the relevant patterns and trends in your data that you need to optimize your marketing efforts, delivering actionable insights right away while also helping you build toward the future.

We will help you understand your targeted customer’s online behavior, what campaigns drive them to your website, and how to translate that to your business goals. 

What We Offer

Data Strategy

Every successful project needs a strong data foundation. DataFinity will partner with your internal teams to align your data to your vision.

Predictive Analytics

Data enablement can help your business predict customers’ behaviors. This allows the development of more efficient marketing campaigns for your business.

Data & Systems Architecture

Datafinity will assist your business with the planning and building of critical data and systems infrastructures for your marketing operations.

Dashboards & Segmentation Analysis

Segment customers to optimize marketing initiatives and deliver enhanced customer experience through real-time dashboards.

Organizing Your Marketing Data

By upholding good data management standards and bringing scattered pieces of data together to create a cohesive whole, we deliver a foundation for effective customer tracking and decision-making. 

With our help, marketers are empowered to effectively use their data, opening up a world of customer trend data and individual user data to help  businesses be more competitive. 

By organizing your data management for your marketing needs, our #1 goal is to use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to strategist new marketing plans.

Data Marketing Strategy

marketing Data

Defining Outcomes

Determine which business questions you want the data to answer.

Data Collection

Have a plan for which data you need, how you plan to collect it, and the best ways to organize it.

Data Analysis

Inspect data and form conclusions about your customers.


Test the conclusion from the previous step of Data Analysis to provide quantitative decision making.


Create predictions about your customer’s future behavior.


Utilizing data to create marketing strategies and implement tactics through segmentation & automation.

Our Core Areas Of Focus​​

Never before have marketers had access to so much technology — or had so much opportunity to impact the bottom line. As a result, marketers at every level are facing increased pressure to be both creative and savvy about marketing technology.

DataFinity helps bridge that gap. We are a team of marketing technologists with a passion for turning data into actionable marketing insights. 

Marketing Technology

Data Strategy

Digital Marketing

Marketing Operations

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