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What Is Marketing Operations?

Marketing operations (MOPS) is an umbrella term describing departments and the people whose responsibilities include: 

  • Oversee marketing transformations
  • Train and support marketing staff
  • Architecting and scaling the marketing technology stack
  • Enable data access and usability across people, process and technology

What We Offer

Internal Workflows

Design and manage internal workflows and processes

Train and Support

Train and support marketing staff on using marketing technology products

Marketing Campaigns

Design, run, and optimize/test marketing campaigns


Streamline, automate, and measure marketing activities and workflows

Operational Efficiency

Standardize business processes across business functions

Measuring Your Success

Determine your metrics and how you’ll optimize the success of that

Build An Agile Marketing
Operations Strategy

What are the keys to adopting an agile approach to marketing operations strategy? 

Marketing operations leaders are turning to agile ways of working to shorten time to market and improve productivity across their operations, yet struggle to shift to fully agile ways of working and standardize business processes across the function.

Our team will help design and implement processes, provide technology, and analyze your data.

Our Core Areas Of Focus​​

Never before have marketers had access to so much technology — or had so much opportunity to impact the bottom line. As a result, marketers at every level are facing increased pressure to be both creative and savvy about marketing technology.

DataFinity helps bridge that gap. We are a team of marketing technologists with a passion for turning data into actionable marketing insights. 

Marketing Technology

Data Strategy

Digital Marketing

Marketing Operations

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