01. Background

Adobe’s business model transitioned from desktop software to a subscription-based model and needed their agency to help them make this transition with their email and trigger programs. Unfortunately, they weren’t getting the results with their current vendor, and this is where DF stepped in.

02. Goals

DataFinity’s strength is in operational efficiency. We are always looking for opportunities to shorten time-to-market for our clients. In working with Adobe, trigger communications was an essential part of their revenue-generating strategy. As the demands on the number of trigger programs increased, DataFinity needed to solve for launching programs faster without an increased budget for additional resources.

03. How

Partnered with the Engagement Marketing team to understand their plans and develop the triggered communications calendar. Gathered requirements for the development of triggered email programs within the Adobe Campaign application.

04. Highlights of results

  • Time savings was the key metric measured. DataFinity was able to save Adobe up to 50% time savings in triggered program development.
  • Analyzed 2-3 months of data on every project from initiation to launch.
  • Identified areas in the process that took an extended time:
    • Streamlined the back & forth process, collected requirements based on key milestones, identified critical information at the project initiation, and created repetitive processes.
    • Reducing program management on DataFinity by ensuring the project does not start without key information.
    • Communicating clear drop-dead dates; otherwise, delayed the project
    • Reduced the review cycle in the process from 2 down to 1; allowing only 1 change
    • Team came up with shortcuts in AC to accomplish steps that were repetitive or took too long
    • Streamlined QA process