01. Background

P PagerDuty relies heavily on a sales team to close large licensing deals from organic and marketing-generated leads. The constant tug-a-war between Sales and Marketing was causing a continuous disconnect in the discussions around the quality of leads and the number of leads being generated. How do we streamline processes from campaign inception to launch and ensure marketing is nurturing leads until it reaches requirements to hand off to Sales?

02. Goals

  • Improve lead handling processes
  • Evaluate lead scoring processes & identify/implement change opportunities
  • Understand how leads are getting touched & implement appropriate programs to increase qualified leads to Sales

03. How

  • Customer Segmentation & Market Analysis
  • Append appropriate data (ZoomInfo & DiscoverOrg) to better establish customer segments
  • Understand PagerDuty’s customer segments and disseminate across org
  • Implement customer segments throughout marketing and sales systems
  • Partner across organizations to develop more targeted messaging

04. Results

  • Improvements were implemented within 2 months
  • Increased qualified leads through the funnel by 20% due to changes in lead routing and scoring
  • Identified target audiences that needed to stay with marketing for further nurturing and implemented trigger campaigns to continue the conversation until they reached a certain score to be released to Sales.
  • Retaining lower-scoring leads within marketing for segmented marketing programs, potentially driving some leads to self-service aligning with goals the CEO set for the company
  • Reduced quantity of poor leads to Sales by 50% but increased the quality of leads enabling higher closing rates